The KAHL Group

The KAHL Group

The Kahl group of companies, founded in 1876 is family-owned.
Six strong, competent partners provide plant and mechanical engineering solutions. From individual engineering to after-sales service. Our six companies offer sophisticated solutions for process engineering, machine and plant construction as well as the erection of complete factories for many industries. Research, planning, and development are essential functions of the companies. The most important machines and plant components are fabricated in the central factories at Reinbek near Hamburg and Ganderkesee near Bremen. So they are “made in Germany”. More than 800 motivated employees of the Group guarantee smooth and perfect service. From processing of the raw material to the requests of the end user – the know-how of the Kahl Group flows into the development of intelligent process engineering solutions for customers in various industries.

Amandus Kahl

Our pelleting processes are used successfully in many different industries, such as the food and feed industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in the disposal and recycling industry. For these sectors, we offer the following solutions: Treating, Conditioning, Compacting, Pelleting, Extruding, Expanding Crushing, Drying/cooling, Vacuum coating. Mechanical engineering for the future. We are particularly committed to developing new technologies for the waste disposal and recycling industry and for the treatment of biomass. The delivery program: Feed mills, plants and machines, wood pelleting plants, industrial and domestic waste pelleting plants, waste tyre recycling plants.

F. H. Schule Muehlenbau

Quality in the food industry – we have been well acquainted with the methods of cereal treatment for over 100 years. We have long-standing global specialist experience in the processing of cereals, rice and legumes. With our machines, plants and turn-key factories we provide product purity, high quality and modern processing methods, also for legumes, oilseeds, tea and spices.
The delivery program: Rice mills, parboiling plants, quick cooking plants, grain processing plants, oat mills, sunflower seed processing plants.

Neuhaus Neotec

Green coffee centers and coffee roasting plants We supply machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the food industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, nuts and seeds (e.g. sunflower seeds). Thanks to a long-standing expertise in this field, one main focus of the company lies in the refinement of coffee – from process development, design to commissioning of plants. The constant development of new processes, machines, and environmentally friendly technologies has made us one of the market leaders in this industry worldwide. The delivery program: Green coffee handling center, coffee roasting facilities, fluidized bed processes (Brand Heinen Drying), crushing roller mills.

Heinen Freezing

With a comprehensive product portfolio of industrial pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing systems, HEINEN Freezing is a competent partner for the international food industry. We supply spiral systems, fluidised bed and buffer freezers as well as special plants which are tailor-made for the freezing, cooling and proofing processes. Our service: Development, construction, assembly and servicing of machines and plants for pasteurizing, cooling and freezing. The delivery program: Plants for the international food industry: Bakery products meat and poultry products, vegetable and potato products, pizzas, hamburgers convenience food.


DEVEX has gained a wide experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of extraction plants and the equipment for continuous and batch recovery of essential oils, oleoresins, aromas, natural extracts and proteins. Easy raw material discharge and fast cleanability make the operation of the systems comfortable in regard to the production and product changes. DEVEX Process & Product Development is pleased to assist you with the process and extraction design. The delivery program: Extraction Plants and the equipment for continuous and batch recovery.


IMS concentrates on individual technical solutions for the finishing of food.

The services of the Kahl group:

More than 800 employees, worldwide network of agencies, service technicians, subsidiaries and sales offices. Our test departments are responsible for the development of new processes and machines. We have extensive pilot plants with laboratory, production machines, and measuring equipment for the most important process stages of the conditioning technology. The plants are available to prospective buyers and customers who want to have their own products tested. On the basis of the results achieved plant designs and offers can be prepared. All main machines and plant components are produced near Hamburg and Bremen. They are “made in Germany”.

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